Sunday, July 24th, 2011

It’s been a while…

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I seem to have stopped blogging, don’t I. Lots of it is because I’m on Twitter now, and once I’ve gotten a thought out in 140 characters, it no longer feels worth the effort to develop it in a proper post.

Biggest news since my last post: my mother died. She was 66. It was unexpected. She was less than 20 years older than me and I expected her to be active into her nineties, as her mother still is. I didn’t blog about that because her death affected so many people so intensely that I would have been blogging other people’s stories, not just mine. It didn’t feel right.

This is the picture I have on my work computer as wallpaper:
Vivian and Alison

You can still buy tea towels.

Sunday, January 31st, 2010


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Conversation with my mother:

Me: I have the thermostat set at 15°, and I took a shower this morning so my hair is wet, so I’m wearing a hat and fall jacket and fingerless gloves inside the house.
Vivian: Is that for budgetary considerations, or… ?
Me: Preparation for the apocalypse.
Vivian: Oh, like those russian revolutionaries who poured hot oil in their ears to prepare for being tortured.
Me: Exactly. Except that I’m actually quite comfy.

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