Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Lucidity, the dark side

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I spent an evening with a friend who’s been struggling. She was depressed and very lucid.

I think I really like depressed people. Not so depressed that they just lie there pretending to be dead and wishing that pretending would make it so – those ones I just want to kick. But depressed enough that we can have interesting conversations about bad things without having to invent a happy ending for everything. Depressed enough that we can comfort one another without feeling patronising or patronised.

Tuesday, December 27th, 2005

A weblog I’ve been following with the adulation of a star-struck teenager

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Kathleen’s site is a resource for designer-entrepreneurs in the “sewn product” field. She’s passionate, extremely bright and rides her hobby-horses (pattern cutting and lean organisation) with the single-mindedness that is the gift of Asperger’s syndrome. She wrote the book that you can buy through the site – and that is used as an essential text in fashion schools all over North America.

This particular entry documents the application of a business management approach to a potential domestic crisis.

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