Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

pissed [off]

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Prepared to go to bed. Discovered why there was no dog pee in the kitchen: it was all in the bedclothes. The duvet, duvet cover, bottom sheet, flannel mattress blankets, padded contour mattress cover and mattress all damp and stinky.

I have just stripped the bed, filled the washing machine and sprayed the mattress with Febreeze. During these proceedings the dogs hid. Not because I was screeching or anything: just the reproachful clucking of a disappointed parent. But they *knew.*

We are off to sleep on the couch… oh, in Dennis’ bed! with the spare duvet.

Vy oh vy oh vy oh vy… .

[originally transmitted by e-mail October 2, 2002]

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