Sunday, January 6th, 2008

Love, health and all you desire

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In Québec we don’t simply wish people a perfunctory “Happy New Year.” Ideally we compile a thoughtful list so that when we meet someone the first time in the new year we can wish them something personal, philosophical and comforting. A good relationship with their new dog, for instance; insight into the kind of work they really want to do; or a peaceful recovery from a difficult divorce. Since people resemble one another more than we differ, this is often simplified to a universal « L’amour, la santé et tout ce que tu désires »* or « Les trois S … Santé, Sexe et Sous ».**

Over the holidays this year the health bit was a bit sketchy. Mark’s mother actually died, first of all. Mark has been fighting an infection for the past two or three months and his doctor is starting to worry about deeper issues. I’m recovering from the tail end of six weeks of some sort of bronchitis deal. My father came back to Canada to spend the holidays with the family and promptly checked into the hospital with typhoid fever for ten days. Pepe’s kidneys appear to be failing, which means… I’m not sure, or rather I know it means he dies, I’m just not sure when. A cousin younger than I am has leukemia.

But everyone else including my mother and grandmother and Poupoune is glowing with radiant health. Bertha and Matthew went to the hospital to glow with health at Patrick’s bedside. Nora flew to Ottawa with her infant daughter Daphne to smile, watch videos and glow with health during Patrick’s first days post-discharge. Steven glowed with health over the phone from England. Those of us experiencing the ills that flesh is heir to are either on the mend or doing well despite them, so not succumbing.

Health is good. I wish it to all of you. Even more importantly, I wish you someone who loves you anyway, whether that’s a pet, family or a friend. Those who have that kind of love from more than one source are extravagantly wealthy. May you enjoy it! Material wealth gets short shrift these days, we’re supposed to be above worrying about it. But realistically it facilitates both healthy bodies and healthy relationships, so I wish for all of you to avoid the grind of poverty.

And, of course, may we all gain insight into the kind of work we really want to do.

Happy new year!

* love, health and everything you desire
** health, sex and money


  1. Sorry to hear about all the health issues… I like the ‘loving you anyway’ bit.
    Wishing you lots of S’es,

    Comment by Enna — Sunday, January 6th, 2008 @ 15:30

  2. Good post, thankyou, I wish you the same, and sorry about Pepe.
    Happy 2008

    Comment by Leanne — Monday, January 7th, 2008 @ 23:35

  3. You poor dear. I hope Marc is better and that you are both taking the time to coddle one another.

    I wish you a Happy Everything for 2008

    Comment by Bea — Monday, January 14th, 2008 @ 05:01

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